Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Break

This week the kids were out of school for Fall Break. We had two cool, rainy days which kept us inside most of the time, so when the sun broke through on the third day, we took advantage of it and headed to the park. 
Walking the path to the playground.
All the equipment was still a little wet, but that didn't stop my three. What's a little water anyway?
               My Hannah and me
We ended up on the stage where during the summer Shakespeare plays are performed. The kids were doing a little "freeze dancing" to a song on my phone.

A little exercise and fresh air were exactly what we needed. 

Hope you are enjoining your day today too! 

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Sarah Purdy said...

Fall break! I used to love Fall Break when I worked in a year round school district! Are you guys year round? Freeze dance is a great idea - I'll have to try that!