Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Random Post

Get ready to see some bullet points, my friend! Here's to the good old random blog post!

* I feel like I am losing my mind half the time. Countless times a day I stand in front of the refrigerator with the door open trying hard to remember what on earth I was looking for. Or I walk into a room, stop and think the same thing. To combat this problem I have started talking out loud so I won't forget what I am after. Usually it takes the form of a chant like, "Scissors, scissors, scissors." Basically I walk around my house like a crazy muttering homeless person.

* I heard the best joke today. Are you ready?
How much does a Hipster weigh?
One Instagram.

* Last weekend my kids decided to have a parade. It turned out to be something that occupied them for at least an hour, maybe more. And that is like wining the golden ticket! They brought out our red wagon and spent time decorating it and making signs. Hannah and Leah rehearsed a dance routine to "I've Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. It was some sort of cross between rhythmic gymnastics and interpretive dance. I gave them scraps of fabric which they used to make scarves and ribbons to tie on to everything. They even had a patriotic moment when they waved the flag and played "God Bless America" on their iPod.

Hannah was proud that she wrote "parade" in cursive
And please excuse Old Glory on the ground. I promise it was being waved in the air most of the time.

Lucas' job for the parade was to sit in the wagon and pound on their little piano. 
He took his job very seriously.
Even Molly, Leah's American Girl doll, was waving to the crowd.

* Season Two of Call the Midwife came out on Netflix last week. Only nine episodes and I have been slowly savoring each one, making myself watch only one every day or two because the way BBC shows go, it will be another year before Season 3 is released. That show is just so, so good. Also, Mike has been trying to get me to watch Mad Men, one of his favorite shows. This past week, I made it through the first two episodes of Season One. It's good, but I've got a long way to go. And finally, since I'm on a TV rant, what is the deal with Breaking Bad? I know it just ended, but do I need to start watching it? I have been wanting to learn how to make meth. I kid! I kid! Just seeing if you are still awake.

*Finally, I will leave you with a few funny songs. My kids are obsessed with Big Block Singsongs and honestly I sort of am too. I think the tunes are catchy and the lyrics are pretty funny. We sing the "Eat" song at just about every meal. It's kid music that won't have you running for the hills. You might actually enjoy it! Here's a few of my the kids' favorites. 

"Eat, Eat, Eat!"

Favorite line: "I live with a squirrel, his name's Phil."

"Salad can be scary sometimes!"

You're welcome!
Have a good Tuesday!


Sarah Purdy said...

Thanks to you, I am now obsessed with "Call the Midwife"! I started watching it over the weekend and I'm already on episode 6 (season 1). I know, I really need to slow down. I'm really enjoying it although I could do without the gratuitous birth scene in every episode...(shutter) still brings back recent memories - ha! I've been avoiding Breaking Bad - I'm just not ready to get wrapped up in an intense series right now. Cute parade idea - my girl would love that.

Emily said...

The birth scenes are what keeps Mike from watching it. He'll watch for awhile then when there's a bunch of screaming he'll get up with a sigh and an "Ooookaaay, I'm out." I had c-sections, so I just watch and imagine what that would have been like. You mamas who birthed the good old fashioned way-- you are absolute rock stars. I salute you.