Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CSI: Barbie

It was an average, ordinary day.  I walked into my daughters' room with a pile of laundry to put away.  The girls were at school, their brother was quietly napping, and nothing seemed out of place--at first.  I glanced at their dresser and my eyes scanned down the drawers until something caught my eye.  It was tan and sticking out from behind the bottom right side of the dresser closest to Leah's bed. 
I squatted down and was surprised to spy this....
Turns out Ken took a little tumble off the dresser and landed flat on his back. 
He was found wearing only a swimsuit.  Poor guy.  He had his whole life before him.


Maria Rose said...

I have been missing CSI Barbie!

Rachel said...

How I have missed CSI Barbie!! Glad to know the mysteries are still out there!