Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Photos From Rachel

My sister-in-law, Rachel, sent me a few photos she took while we were in New York City.  She always takes great pictures.
Me chatting with Rachel's husband, Juan.  That's my sweet niece, Velda, next to Lucas.
Jump, Veldalita!
Steven Tyler crossing the street (he's in the black shirt and hat).
The sweetest grin ever.

I just got back from working out this morning.  I've been going to a cardio/strength training class twice a week for awhile now and it is really helping me get back into shape.  It is raining here and cooler finally (high of 82 today!).  The house is dark, and I hope Lucas is down for a nice long nap.  Mike is busy working in the office.  Oh, and for those who want to know a job update, he is currently looking at just freelancing from home full time.  He's got several clients that can supply him with a lot of work, but we are just thinking about that for now.  We've got to look into our insurance options and see if it will all work out.  We're optimistic though!  The girls are at school and are hopefully having a fun day.  When they come home in the afternoon they are always full of stories about their days.  I think my goal today is to do some laundry and get some things ready for a garage sale my mom and I are having this weekend. 
What are you doing today?


Maria Rose said...

Ooo freelancing from home would be great for a more flexible schedule!

Anonymous said...

that would be awesome for Mike to be able to work from home full time!! (and awesome for the whole fam!) i need to send you more pictures; especially when you brag about me with so much love!! =)

Jax said...

you look like such a stylish native new yorker in that first picture!!!