Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beach Baby

Do you remember your first trip to the beach?  Do you remember the way the sand felt between your toes?  The sound of the waves rolling in and out?  The smell of salt in the air?  Maybe you lived near a beach and were lucky enough to visit often?  Living in a land-locked state like Oklahoma did not afford me many chances to go play in any ocean waves.  Lakes, yes.  Oceans, no.  My list of oceans/seas/gulfs visited is pretty short:  Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Mediterranean Sea, and The Atlantic. 

My first trip to a true beach was when I was five.  My parents took me down to Galveston, TX to build sand castles and chase sea gulls.  I remember the squishy feeling of the sand.  And I remember that I loved my new red bathing suit with tiny white polka-dots all over it.  I felt pretty spiffy. 

My daughters, sadly, have never been to a beach, but dream of playing in the water and hunting for sea shells.  Lucas, however, got to experience his first beach trip last month.  It was a beautiful 85 degree day.  Bright sun. Gentle waves.  It was near perfect (except for the fact that Hannah and Leah were not with us).  Watching him take in his new surroundings was priceless.  I loved the way he picked his feet up high as he tried to walk in the shifting sand.  He showed a big, gap-toothed grin when he felt the cold water tickle his chubby feet.  He is a very thoughtful kid, staring intently at things as if he is really trying to figure them out.  He spent a lot of his time sitting on a beach towel or on a comfy lap just taking it all in.  I am so glad we got to have that experience with him!
At Sandy Hook Beach

Two great smells:  salt water and sweet baby

Checking things out

Coming back to mom

Love this boy, boogers and all!


affectioknit said...

I remember my first trip to the beach because I was 10 - but Scout was only about 16 months old so he only 'remembers' it from pictures! Your trip looks like great fun!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture of the three of you!! =) Wish I was with you all! Maybe when the girls get to go I'll get to be there!!

Jenn said...

I love the expressions of pure enjoyment on all of your faces!