Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silly Sign Game

Several years ago Mike and I created a silly game that we play when we are on a road trip or a vacation.  Actually, he started it and I just play along.  I think it must have started out of my husband's love and fascination with different fonts.  His graphic design background plays a big part of this.  He has several books about typography and he even likes to create his own fonts sometimes.  So here's the game.  As you pass a sign (billboard, a business sign, etc.) you have to take turns reading that sign out loud in a voice to match whatever font is on the sign.  For example, we passed a sign with letters that looked like they were on fire.  So those words were read in a voice much like the announcer at a monster truck rally.  Space age looking fonts demand that you read them as a futuristic robot.  Signs written in very fancy script or calligraphy must be read as if you are a royal queen or grand theater performer.  We've read smaller signs in a voice like the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz.  Or boring looking signs in a sad Eeyore voice (you know...they donkey from the Winnie the Pooh books?).  Sometimes it is just the volume of your regular voice that makes a difference.  For example:
I would read the word "auto" in a normal sounding voice, but "glass" requires that I shout it out.
It absolutely keeps us laughing and makes the time driving go by much faster.  So next time you are driving around your town or city, give it a try!  You will either discover the hilarity of our game or think that we are nuts! :)


k_stin said...

That's a good game! I go on field trips with my students a lot and we play a lot of games on the way--this will be a fun one to add!

Maria Rose said...

We totally play that game too!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Hi Emily. Cute family! I'm just checking out other Oklahoma moms' blogs. Have a great day!

affectioknit said...

That is such a good idea - we've got a big road trip coming up - and we'll have to do that - it sounds like fun!