Thursday, June 10, 2010

Science Museum

Yesterday afternoon my parents and I took all three kids to the Science Museum of Oklahoma.  For anyone who has grown up in this area,  you will know that the museum used to be called the Omniplex.  "Science Museum of Oklahoma" sounds so very official.  I'll probably always call it the Omniplex.  But anyway....we had a GREAT time!  There is something for every age and every interest there.  There were even areas where Lucas could crawl and explore.  The girls played with bubbles, found their way through a mirror maze, felt the ground shake under their feet as they learned about earthquakes, and sat through a cool planetarium show.  We captured a few photos of other fun things we did.

The girls got to ride on a segway.  I secretly wanted to try to ride one, but my fear of falling over in front of all the cool teenagers working in this area held me back. 
We spent a good deal of time at the echo tube.  Yelling "Hellloooo!" just never gets old.
Lucas practiced his walking skills.  Did I mention that he took 4 steps on his own yesterday?!?! (I love my Dad's smile in this photo by the way.)
 We spent a lot of time in the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame area where there were plenty of bars, balance beams, and floor mats to tumble to your heart's content.
And what trip to a kids' museum would be complete without a puppet show?  Leah entertained us all with her unique puppeteering talents (did I just make that word up?)

I love getting out and exploring the fun, kid-friendly places Oklahoma City has to offer.  What are some of your favorite places to go where you live?


k_stin said...

I had the same exact thoughts as you about the segways there. I have gone a couple of times on field trips this year and every time I secretly wanted to try them, but I was afraid of the same things as you...

Maria Rose said...

1)Wahoo Lucas!!
2) I really wish you would have ridden the segway. I've always been oddly drawn to them.
3) Looks like everyone had a great time!