Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our NBA Team

Last year, something historic happened in the world of Oklahoma City sports....we got an NBA team!  I have only developed a love for watching certain sports in my adult years.  As a child, I never (ever) played any kind of sport.  Not softball.  Not soccer.  Nothing.  My extracurricular activities included ballet, piano lessons and going to lots and lots of concerts.  Sport were just not my thing.  I would occationally watch a University of Oklahoma football game with my dad, but that was about it. 

But when I was in college, something in me clicked and I decided that I actually liked watching sports (namely football and basketball).  And until recently, all Oklahoma had to offer was collegiate sports.  And believe me, college football is HUGE in Oklahoma. 

When it was announced that we were getting an NBA team back in 2008, I was actually excited to get behind and support our team.  A few weeks later, the team name was announced.  So it was then that I became an official OKC Thunder fan. I love that our team's theme song is "Thunderstruck" by ACDC.  And I love that we pack out The Ford Center every game to support our guys. Tonight, in only our second year, we are in the NBA playoffs against the LA Lakers.  It is a home game, but it will be tough.  And you know I'll be watching.  When I was fourteen, if I had envisioned my future at age 33, I would have guessed that I would be married with kids.  But I wouldn't have guessed that I would be at home on a Saturday night watching an NBA playoff game.  I guess life is full of surprises!

Thunder UP!


Tanda said...

Go Thunder!!!!!!!!

Jacquelyn said...

I remember being at your house, us sitting on your bed, when they announced the team name. I am pretty sure we even told Hannah and Leah to "remember this moment". They probably don't but I sure do!