Monday, April 12, 2010

On Today's List

I used to dread Mondays. When I was working, my anxiety about Monday would begin Sunday afternoon. It would creep up and whisper things like...You have to get up really early tomorrow. Are you sure you have everything ready for school? The laundry won't get done until next weekend! I would start to stress out and would have a hard time falling asleep Sunday evening. But then Monday would come and it wouldn't be as bad as I had imagined it to be.

Now that I'm not working, I absolutely love Mondays. It is the only day of my week where I have time to just be at home. I drop the girls off at school, run errands if I need to, then head home, put Lucas down for a nap, roll up my sleeves and get started on whatever tasks need to be done. Around noon, my sweet boy and I sit down and have lunch together. Then he plays while I continue to work or bake or fold laundry. Finally, around 2:00, we head off to pick up the girls feeling happy and refreshed. Sometimes I just sit down and read on Mondays. And sometimes I take a nice, long nap. It just depends on the kind of Monday I want to have. I cherish these Mondays because the rest of my week is pretty busy.

Today, on this Monday, I have a list of things to accomplish.
1. Wash the sheets, blankets and quilts on the girls' beds.
2. Make homemade pasta for the first time. (I'm quite excited about this and will take pics as I go.)
3. Make an appointment to get my hair cut and colored. It is way past due.
4. Fold three loads of clothes that I didn't get to over the weekend (oops!).
5. Read. I am currently reading Home, a Memoir by Julie Andrews.

What is on your Monday "to do" list?


Teresa said...

So excited to hear about the pasta making experience! Sounds like a great Monday!! This is Tanda, I'm at my mom's house and I guess it is logged in as her...

Jacquelyn said...

Okay this post reminds me, I've been meaning to tell you I have every other monday off. Took appoinments today but won't next week, etc. ANYway it sounds like your Mondays are under control but if you ever need me to watch the kids you know who to call. Oh, I guess summer is just around the corner so maybe you will! Okay good luck with the pasta, I'll need your tips for when I am spending half my time in Italy. ;)

Mocha Mama 24 said...

I love Mondays too and I used to feel the same way you did as a teacher. I intentionally don't plan any extra activities or appointments if I can avoid it on Mondays.

affectioknit said...

Good luck with your list!

Jacquelyn said...

I tried channeling my inner Em and attempted cooking tonight for the first time in weeeeks (aside from my eggs and French toast). Well...the results can be seen on

hellotracy said...

I call it Mommy Monday because it is always a day I try to take a little extra time for myself to rest or shop or do something I love. Of course there is still laundry, picking-up, cooking, picking up kids, working out, homework help, etc. etc. but I try to slow it down on Mommy Monday and maybe even get together with a friend guilt free.