Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Holding The Sunset

A few days ago, Leah came up to me holding some crayons in her hand. She unfolded her fingers carefully and stated, "Mom, these are the colors of the sunset!"

I looked down and surprisingly, she had actually picked out the colors found in many a beautiful Oklahoma sunset. It made me realize that she is really paying attention to things. This can be good (like recognizing the colors of a sunset) or bad (like repeating me saying, "What is wrong with you, Lady?!" while I'm driving). We've probably all heard the expression, "Children are like sponges-- they soak everything up." And it is so true. They are always watching, always observing, always questioning.

Leah holding the sunset in her sweet little hand was a great reminder to always be aware of the way I speak to and treat other people. She is watching me, just like she is watching the sky.


Maria Rose said...

Oh you're so right. I feel a little set of eyes on my every move, watching and waiting. I think about it every important it is to consider the influence we have over our little ones.

affectioknit said...

Such a sweet reminder...