Monday, March 8, 2010

Family Day at the OKC Art Museum

This past week I've had a hard time sitting down to blog. It seemed like every time I had a few spare moments, a child would wake up crying, or I would discover my camera battery was dead, or I was just so tired that I opted for an earlier bed time. Tonight, however, I finally carved out some time and so here I am.

One of the highlights of over the last week for us was a trip to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. It was Family Day, so there were lots of activites for the kids. We'd never been able to make it before, so we were determined to go this time around. And we were not disappointed.

The girls literally skipped down the sidewalk to the museum because they were so excited.

The first thing you see when you enter is this amazing sculpture by Dale Chihuly. The girls stood in awe for a few moments. Hannah said, "It looks like a beautiful Christmas tree."
Once inside, we headed for the children's art classroom. There were two options: creating sculptures out of junk (which involved glue guns) or making modern mobiles (which invovled scissors and good old Elmer's glue). We opted for the mobiles. Here's Hannah happily working.
Leah ended up just wanting to make snowflakes out of the construction paper. To each his own. She was just happy to create.
Lucas just enjoyed being amongst all the action. That boy is one of the happiest babies I know.
After a brief story time session, we then headed to the museum's featured exhibit: Jason Peters' Anti.Gravity.Material.Light. His work features large sculptures created out of ordinary materials such as buckets, chairs, mirrors, etc. Each piece looked like it took an incredible amount of time and planning. I thought the sculptures were visually stunning. The girls were pretty amazed too.

I thought this piece involving chairs was interesting.
We tried to go upstairs to see some of the other wonderful works on display, but at that point, the girls were starting to wear out. And they were dying to get their faces painted. We ended up waiting in line for half an hour since there was only one frazzled face painter and about fifty kids waiting on her. It was worth it, though.
Leah showing off the fairy she so patiently waited for.
I love it when our days just fall into a great rhythm. Even the weather was just about perfect.


affectioknit said...

What a lovely day! and awesome face paint!

Me said...

We haven't been there yet. Looks like we need to check it out!

Maria Rose said...

Sounds like a great day. I really think that modern art is much more interesting to kids than anything else!

Heather@WoolandFlax said...

Looks like a wonderful day. I love it when kids can actually interact with an exhibit.

And how lovely to see you in this space again. I hear you about the batteries...we have only two that work right now, and they go back and forth between the camera and the tv remote. :)

Emily said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! We really did have a great day.