Monday, September 29, 2014


I have absolutely no pictures of this past weekend. Just none. But I was looking through old photos this morning and found this gem of Hannah and Leah that made my heart explode and my eyes well up.

Summer 2009
I. Am. Dying.

Now with that cuteness overload, here's a weekend recap for ya.

* Mike had the day off on Friday, so he and I ran some errands and then picked the kids up from school. We took them to one of their favorite pizza places for dinner and then home where we watched a movie for our traditional family movie night. Perfect evening except I was coughing myself to death throughout dinner and the movie. 

* Saturday we got up and around and headed to Lucas' soccer game at 9:30. I woke up feeling like my lungs weighed 500 pounds and I could only breathe in shallow breaths. Not good. I made it through the game, then dropped my family off at home and drove myself to a weekend clinic. I was running a fever and after seeing the doctor was diagnosed with bronchitis. He sent me home with antibiotics and prescription cough syrup. I got home and Mike made me some hot tea and sent me to bed to take a nap. Bless him. I woke up fever free and decided we could proceed with the plans to have dinner at our friends' house that night. After a quick trip to the grocery store to gather some ingredients (I was in charge of an appetizer and dessert), I whipped up our food, got the kids ready and we headed over for dinner. 

*Saturday night proved to be beautiful weather and we spent the majority of our time outside with two other lovely couples and our nine kids total. They ran around like wild things and we ate our dinner al fresco with good conversation. I was careful not to laugh too hard or else I would go into a terrible coughing fit, which proved hard to do with this crew. When the sun had set, we lit a fire in the firepit and had some s'mores while the kids played flashlight tag in the dark. We were home and kids all asleep by 10:00.

*Sunday morning Mike and I were scheduled to work in the kids' room at church, and even though I was still not feeling 100%, I felt we should follow through with our committment. I ended up teaching a 4th and 5th grade girls' small group and we had a great discussion and a lot of fun. Sunday afternoon I napped again, and then we gathered up the family once more for our community group meeting. The kids played outside and got incredibly sweaty, and by the time we got home, they had counted about 10 mosquito bites per leg per kid. That's what happens when you spend a lot of time outdoors on a warm fall weekend! We got home last night and after giving the kids baths and tucking them in, we crashed into bed early before starting a new week.

Luckily this new week is not very busy. I gave myself permission to do absolutley nothing today in an attempt to kick this bronchitis crud to the curb. So far, it's noon and I'm still in my pj's, haven't brushed my teeth, managed to watch two hours of tv, read my book, take a nap, and drink another cup of hot tea. It's been sooooo nice, but I am feeling a little greasy and will likely shower and attempt to fold some laundry or do something low key, but productive. I might even get out and buy myself a jamba juice. What a day! 


Sarah Purdy said...

So sorry you've been so sick! Hopefully those antibiotics will finally kick that cough!

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