Thursday, August 14, 2014

Return of the Mom Blogger

Hello there! I have been on a four month blog sabbatical, and during that time I have been able to really reflect on who I am and why I am writing. I've struggled with identity and self-acceptance my whole life. Who's the quiet, insecure girl in class? That would be me. I've certainly come a long way in this area, but I sometimes fall victim to the ever present comparison syndrome. You know, when you constantly compare yourself to others, seeing the things they have and you have not. It's a dangerous game because you end up letting a bitter root take hold in your heart as you lose a sense of gratitude for what you are blessed with.  So, I thought about who I am. The core of me. And with that being said, here is a simple self-declaration:

1. I am a strong and sensitive woman: I surprise myself sometimes how mentally and physically strong I can be. Yet, I am very tenderhearted and compassionate.

2. I am a wife to an awesome man: I love coming alongside and doing life with Mike. Together we make a great team.

3. I am a mom: My dream came true when Hannah and Leah were born after two years of infertility struggles. Lucas was a surprise cherry on the top of the sundae. Truly, I am blessed with three awesome children.

4. I am a daughter: My parents were the best I could have ever dreamed for. My mom passed away three years ago, and I miss her dearly. Her death has greatly impacted me, and its something I still struggle with. Sometimes I wrestle out those thoughts here on this blog. My dad thankfully lives nearby and is a big part of our lives.

5. I am a reader, writer, deep thinking, introvert, house-cleaner, teacher, list maker, food preparer, cookie baker, animal lover, friendly, nature walk taker, summer loving girl who is trying her best to be kind everywhere she goes.

6. I am a Christian: This more than anything defines who I am. In Christ, I am forgiven, accepted, loved, valued, found precious and pure. It is this relationship that I can rest most assuredly in. I can love others, because God first loved me. While I will never push this on anyone else, it's a part of who I am and I can't help but talk about it. In the end, Love Wins!

So, that's where I am. Or should I say, who I am. And that list gives me focus on what I can write about. I'm writing to share our lives with family and friends across the country. I'm writing to reflect and think and clear my head. I'm writing to record and journal our family history. And I'm excited about the writing possibilities ahead!


Maria Rose said...

You are also a great friend and you have a fantastic way of making others adore you.

Oh and you are super funny!

Glad you are back!

Emily said...

Thanks, Maria! You are an amazing friend as well! :)

Sarah Purdy said...

So good to see you back! Loved reading all about your summer!