Monday, January 27, 2014

Playing the Piano

Do you know how to play an instrument? Read music? Sing? I started taking piano lessons when I was seven years old and continued to take them until I graduated high school at eighteen. Playing an instrument not only taught me about reading notes and using dynamics, but also about self discipline, the benefit of hard work, and a fostered love of music. I am so glad I stuck with it and didn't quit-- even when I wanted to sometimes.

When our daughters turned seven, we let them each choose one after school activity to be involved in. We did this for two reasons: I do not want to be an over-scheduled family run ragged by going from one activity to the next. I just don't function well in that kind of environment, and I don't want that for our family. And financially we just can't afford to let our kids do anything and everything they want! So, when it came time to decide, Leah chose to do gymnastics and Hannah wanted to learn to play the piano. While both activities are great, my heart did a little happy dance when Hannah chose piano. And as luck would have it, her piano teacher lives just a few houses down from us. She can walk to and from her lessons which is a major bonus!

While Hannah is still learning the discipline of practicing, she is starting to really see the benefit of all that hard work. She is so proud of herself when she learns a new song, and she wants everyone within earshot to hear it.

Hannah practicing "This Little Light of Mine."
 She is playing this song in a Hymn Festival this coming Saturday.

I love her sweet little fingers.
This is the same piano my parents bought for me when I started taking lessons.
There have been MANY hours of practice time logged on this bad boy. 
In fact, that reminds me, I probably need to have that bad boy tuned......

While I'm sure she will develop other hobbies and interests throughout her life, I hope that she continues to develop her love of music. 

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."
--Leopold Stokowski

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