Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Behind the Pictures

Back in November, we finally had professional family photos taken. Lucas wasn't even born the last time we had any taken. And I'm pretty sure we just went to JC Penny's because I had a coupon and they were cheap. This time, we wanted an outdoor setting with lots of candid shots and a few posed shots as well. Our good (and very talented) friend, Corey Penry, took the pictures and did a wonderful job.

This week I finally got around to actually having several of them printed. I went around our house looking at all the photos hanging on the walls, taking note of the sizes so I could replace them with our new pics. The most recent photo of the girls was taken when they were 4 and the most recent of Lucas was when he was 1 and not even walking yet. Yeah, it had been awhile.

The fun thing about replacing all the old photos with the new ones was finding the surprise hidden photos as I was trading them out. For example, behind a photo of my 4 year old girls was a photo of my 3 year old girls followed by a photo of my 3 month old girls, and ending with a picture of me with my 2 month old girls.  Same thing with Lucas-- his 1 year old self followed by my roly-poly six month boy followed by my sweet newborn babe.

It's times like these that force me to pause and reflect on just how fast these kids are growing up. My girls are 9. NINE! One year away from double digits, so independent and smart and funny. And my baby is four! He is heading off to school next year all day every day! Whahhhh! I need to continue to put down my phone, stop folding the laundry (because it never really ever gets done), and look my kids in their eyes, talk to them, spending as many precious moments with them as I can.

And I promise that our next family photos will be taken before the girls' 18th birthday!

The Galloways

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Maria Rose said...

So crazy! Time flies when you are raising a family.