Monday, November 22, 2010

Shauna's Visit to the OKC National Memorial

Last week my dear friend Shauna came to visit me.  She is an amazing ER nurse at a hospital in Dallas, and I have known her longer than any other friend.  We met before we even remember meeting.  I was three and she was two the summer our moms met at the Women's Club Pool in Graham, Texas.  And it turned out that Shauna and her family lived right across the street from us!  Thus began a lifelong friendship between Shauna and me.  I cannot remember I time when I didn't know her.  And I could not even begin to add up the hours we spent playing together:  Barbies, dolls, dancing in the front yard (embarrassing, but true), vacations, swimming, riding bikes, being silly, loving New Kids On The Block, fourth of July at the lake.  The list could go on and on.  Even after I moved to Oklahoma we still saw each other two or three times a year. 

Since my mom has been so sick, Shauna and I devised a plan for her to come up to OKC to help my mom as she transitioned out of the hospital and back into her home. Since she is a nurse, we thought we could use her nursing expertise!  Our plan got derailed when mom my developed pneumonia and required a much longer stay (she is still in the hospital...we're on day 21).  Regardless, I still wanted her to come, and she still wanted to she did!  We visited my mom and she played with my kids.  But we also fit in a little bit of sightseeing at the Oklahoma National Memorial in downtown Oklahoma City. 

Entering the 9:02 gate

The beautiful Survivor Tree

Lucas and the Reflecting Pool
It was a beautiful, crisp fall day.

One of 168. 

Afterwards, we went to Bricktown to see the canal and eat lunch.  Fun was had by all! :)


affectioknit said...

Sweet! Old friends ROCK!

PS - I hope your Mom is better soon!

Maria Rose said...

I think perhaps it's good for you to have such a great friend to distract you from worry. I am glad you had such a good time and I hope your mother is on the mend. I have not been able to chat with you recently, but your family has certainly been in my prayers!