Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween Pics In November? Why Not!?

Me and Yoda on Halloween

Yes, I know we are halfway through November, but I am determined to get my Halloween pictures up here anyway!  My mom has been in the hospital for seventeen days.  She is still there and will likely be there through Thanksgiving week.  She had a very scary weekend last Friday/Saturday as she suffered a major setback.  But thankfully, she is slowly making progress toward a full recovery once again.  I will blog more in depth about that at another time, but for a while my life has been nothing but eat, sleep, home, and hospital.  It was survival mode and blogging was put to the side. 

Now that my mom has turned a corner and I don't have to be at the hospital quite as much, I thought I'd look back at some of what we've been up to over the past three weeks or so.  I thought my butterfly, fairy and Yoda all looked mighty cute.  We celebrated by going over to our friends' house for a little pre-trick-or-treat cookout/playtime.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids wasted no time running and playing in the mellow evening light.  Finally, at sunset, we set out to claim our loot. 

Some of the "big kids"

Leah Fairy


Swinging action

Yard View


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