Monday, October 18, 2010


Last week in our girls' take-home folder, we got a nice surprise.  Both Hannah and Leah's teachers had nominated them as Terrific Kids for the month!  They were both nominated for showing the life principle of integrity, and they would each receive an award in an assembly later in the week.  We were so proud!  I was simply beaming. 

So we decided to immediately turn that news into a celebration.  I always want the girls to know that good behavior is something we make a big deal out of.  Mike and I thought about it, and decided to take the family for dinner at Pops in Arcadia, OK.  Arcadia is just a few miles east of Edmond (the suburb of Oklahoma City that we live in), and it is situated on a strip of the original Route 66.  Arcadia is a small community near Lake Arcadia.  The town is famous for The Round Barn (featured in the movie Elizabethtown) and Pops.  Pops is a very large, futuristic gas station that has literally thousands of different rare and interesting sodas from around the world.  Question:  do you say soda or pop?  This is a matter of great importance.
Anyway, we let the girls each pick out whatever drink they wanted.  Leah chose a super sweet strawberry soda while Hannah opted for chocolate milk (the girl does not like anything carbonated), and Mike and I chose root beer.  We sat and sipped our sodas (or pops!) and ate some burgers and then ordered a giant chocolate chip cookie for dessert.  When we left, it was just getting dark, and the giant soda bottle outside was starting to light up.  It was a great way to celebrate their accomplishment!

 Leah and her jelly belly strawberry pop
Hannah and her non-carbonated choice:  chocolate milk
Me and my Jack Black Root Beer
The Pops Bottle at sunset

Do you have a favorite place to go for special celebrations??


Maria Rose said...

OK so the soda vs. pop debate is big in our house. I say pop and Eric says soda. One well-meaning person suggested we marry the two , soda-pop, but we were horrified. So we are in a race to teach Cordelia to say it our way.

Emily said...

I think the name of the restaurant we went to makes a big case for Pop. But, there is such a thing as "soda water", so put a tally mark for Soda as well. I think this is a never-ending debate. Of course, to make things even more confusing, you can throw in the fact that many people down in this part of the country say "Coke" for everything.

lala said...

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simplyred said...

I'm from Georgia - all soft drinks are Cokes to us!!! {grin}