Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ice, Ice Baby!

We are in the middle of our first ice storm of the fall/winter season. It started yesterday with a steady drizzle which turned into sleet which turned into thick ice. Ice that coated trees, sidewalks, bushes, outdoor furniture--everything! 

Lots of trees are losing limbs and many people in Oklahoma City are without power. It's a mess around here.

Thankfully, at our house, we still have power and heat. In fact, we have a fire going, and our Christmas tree up. We are cozy, warm, safe and looking forward to watching the big Bedlam football game later tonight. It's the biggest football day in our state when The University of Oklahoma plays Oklahoma State University. And a Big 12 Championship is on the line too! Everyone declares a side for this game. We are all OU and Boomer Sooner in this house, by the way.

The tree is up!
And the stockings are hung.
Our icy Bradford Pear tree
Anyone want to jump?
Frozen berries
Fence accumulation
Ready to cheer on the Sooners!

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