Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Like Dominoes

If you are a mom, I am sure what I am about to say will resonate with you no matter if you have one child or five children. When you get a busy stretch of days, routine housework gets put on hold, and before you know it you are living in downright chaos. After nine years of parenthood, I am still amazed by this fact. I sometimes look around and think, "wasn't this house clean like two days ago?" 

After a busy birthday/holiday-prep weekend, our house had exploded in mess, disorganization and piles of laundry. Usually if I go even one day without doing at least one load of laundry, it's like setting the falling dominoes in motion. I decided that since all three kids were in school today, I was going to put a whopping on the mess and get things back under control. 

Here's a riviting list of some of my tasks accomplished today:

--Six loads of laundry done. Washed, folded and put away. Bam.
--Two loads of dishes washed and put away. Like a boss.
-- Crusty cat vomit cleaned off of Hannah's comforter (Gross, I know. It skipped by me! Ellie sleeps on her bed every day and night. It's clean now). Got anything else to throw at me?
-- Two bowls of crusted on the top, soggy underneath bowls of cereal dumped and scraped. 
-- Puppy poop cleaned off my scarf. Double, extra gross. I had hastily thrown my scarf on a chair today. It slid to the floor and while my kids were supposed to be keeping am eye on her as I cooked dinner, she decided to relieve her bowels. On my scarf! Officially done with cleaning animal messes!
-- Mooped the kitchen floor. Holla!
-- Vacuumed the whole house. Oh yeah!
--Emptied the trash. High five!
--Managed to play with the kids and cook dinner for the Fam. Super mom (I am not, but sort of felt like it.)

I know there are no mommy awards out there (and many days I do not earn one at all!), but today I kind of wish I had a ribbon or something. It was a long hard day, but I think all my dominoes are upright and ready to go again.

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Sarah Purdy said...

This list is most impressive! I can totally relate to that "oh my gosh, did a bomb go off in here?" Every Sunday, we spend the day doing chores, laundry and grocery shopping. Then we get completely barreled by the week and look up on Friday night to see complete chaos. Unless I'm procrastinating on something big, the house clutter, stacks of mail and pile of shoes all go untouched until the weekend, which makes it especially stressful when we have Friday night plans and a babysitter coming over! By now, though, I think she's come to expect our house to be a dump.