Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Today's Glimpse

Today has been a pretty normal, run-of-the-mil day at home. But one day, years from now, I will want to look back and peek into a glimpse of what life was like when it was just me and my three year old boy at home. 

We started off the day by getting the girls to school, then Lucas and I ran to the gym. He played in the childcare room while I huffed and puffed through my cardio and strength training workout. We drove home under a heavy, grey sky. Cold rain was beginning to softly fall. 

After lunch, Lucas decided he wanted to take a bath. This little boy of mine loves to play in the water. I said why not and he grabbed his stash of horses. They are a favorite for bath time. I drew a warm bath for him in the "big bathtub" in our master bathroom. He played while I folded laundry in my bedroom-- just far enough away where I could let him have some space, but I could still keep an eye on him. Those horses played and jumped and swam and neighed for half an hour before he was ready to get out.

Once he was dry and back in his clothes, we picked out a few stories to read. Right now he is loving the Corduroy books by Don Freeman. They were some of my favorites when I was little too. I can remember my mom reading them to me. We snuggled up in his bed, under his soft new Avengers blanket, and read together. His orange bedside lamp cast a warm glow over the pages. Once we were finished, I turned the light off. It was raining steadily and the room was as dark as night. With the soft plunk, plunk of the raindrops and the gente melody of his lullaby cd filling the room, it didn't take long before his eyes were closed and he was breathing deep. I sat next to him for awhile and thanked God for giving me my sweet boy.

The house is very quiet now. I still have a little laundry to fold and then a good book to pick up and read. I have playdough out for Lucas when he wakes up. He'll be excited. 

Today I am so thankful for this simple, yet full life I've been given.


Rachel said...

You are such a beautiful writer Em!! Velda loved the Corduroy books last year in pre-K. They gave her a big one to keep at home.

Maria Rose said...

Aren't those the best of days!?