Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Special Bond

Sibling relationships are somewhat of a mysery to me.  I am an only child.  And believe me, I have heard all of the typical thoughts on only children-- spoiled, bratty, unable to share, etc.  I'd like to think I escaped those titles.  Spoiled? My parents always lived below their means, and didn't give me whatever I wanted.  I had to save up my allowance to buy many a toy over the years.  Bratty? Sure I had moments of brattiness (especially between the ages of 13 and 15), but overall I wouldn't label myself in that way.  Unable to share? My sharing lessons came in the form of playing with friends or any of my 16 first cousins.  I'd like to think I am at an advantage here because as an only child, I was able to learn to share with others as well as play comfortably by myself at home.  

But one thing I have never experienced as an only child is the special bond between siblings. I never had anyone to pick on me or to pick on.  I never had anyone to giggle with late into the night (other than the occasional friend sleepover). I never experienced the amazing friendship that adult siblings sometimes have.  I know not all siblings get along swimmingly, but for the ones that do, I have to say that I am jealous.  Especially now that my mom is gone, I so desperately wish I had someone to share family memories with.  To laugh about inside family jokes. I see this friendship with Mike and his siblings and am at least thankful that I get to experience wonderful relationships with all my sibling in-laws. 

Watching my children develop their own special bonds is something quite amazing.  Especially between my daughters, Hannah and Leah.  Not only are they siblings, but they are twins and have shared everything throughout their lives-- from space in my womb to the same birthday to a bedroom to all of their toys.  They have never known a day apart. These two amazing young ladies are such a sweet example of sisterhood.  Yes, they fight. What sisters don't? But deep down they posses a deep and abiding love for each other.  They are fiercely protective of each other, and they are known to go off into serious gut-busting giggle fests that last for an hour or more.  They play well together, and even finish each others' sentences.  My prayer for them is to have an amzing friendship throughout their entire lives.  I am glad I get to foster this relationship and watch it continue to grow over the years. 

 I love Leah's glasses in this picture
At the State Fair


Susan said...

I love that they look out for each other. I've no doubt they will have a beautiful relationship their entire lives.

Maria Rose said...

They are such great sisters. So obviously close, yet somehow they are total individuals. You guys are doing a great job with those kids of yours.

P.S. I always use you as an example of how great only children can turn out. You are one of the kindest, least bratty people I have ever met :)