Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Big Day For My Little Boy

Lucas starts his first day of Mother's Day Out tomorrow.  He will start going two days a week in a new class at a new location.  Last year, he went just once a week at a different school, so there will be lots of changes for him!  We went to the church where his new class will be last Monday night to meet his teachers, check out his classroom and play on the playground.  Thankfully, he loved it and acted really excited about going.  He was most excited about the class pet-- a turtle who will be named by the kids this week.  Lucas is going to submit the name "Swimmy" as his choice.

I have so many hopes and dreams for my little boy this year.  I hope he loves learning, and that he is able to take his natural curiosity about life and use it as fuel to take his learning even deeper.  I hope he makes some new friends and feels loved by his teachers.  I hope he continues to develop into a confident, self-assured boy who is tough and active while also sweet and tender.  And for the love of Pete, I hope he gets potty trained this year!!

As Mike sits on Lukey's bed reading him a story, his clothes are laid out (he picked his favorite blue t-shirt with a chameleon on it whom he has named "Oscar"), his Spiderman backpack and Star Wars lunch box are both laid out and ready to go.  He is bathed and teeth are brushed so he will be "squeaky clean" for tomorrow.  Lucas, I pray you have a wonderful first day.  I can't wait to pick you up and hear all about it!

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Rachel said...

oh sweet Lucas!! i hope you have a wonderful first day!! i love his smile in the picture!! give him a big hug from auntie rae!!